Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If I start singing Miley Cyrus's "The Climb" just shoot me

Slowly, slowly I have been mulling around this blog post in my head. How much do I say? What do I share or not? I'm not a courageous blogger and I'm certainly not a very timely one. There has been turmoil, angst, worry, fear, anger, confusion, pain, stress and more going on in my house and in my life and, at times, I thought about sharing some of that here. It just didn't seem appropriate.

And now, now that things are 95% sorted out (who am I kidding? I'm making it up as I go. We all are. OH YES WE ARE), I think it's time to return, to put fingers to keyboard and get back to life (ohhh, that's the song I should be singing).

In short, I've been on a bit of a journey, and not a terribly fun one, but ultimately, I'm on the other side, I think, and have spent the last few days getting back to me, back to health and wellness and back into the swing of things.

First up, of course, is a new race. But no, not a foot race, because I tend to sign up then not do them. Instead, my good buddy and now world-famous blogger, Jen P and I are having a (totally safe and smart) weight loss race.

So far, my scale's battery is dying and therefore I can lose anywhere from three to six pounds in seconds (advantage me) but Jen is breastfeeding and running, and although she thinks that's not a good thing, I know it is (advantage her).

I planned to join WW again tonight, but a freak snow/ice storm that ripped through yesterday has made the streets lethal to walk on. In fairness, I started food journaling a few days ago and have done something active every single day (even running! and yoga!). I've managed to stay within my points each day - no small feat - and god help me but I think I'm actually enjoying salad again. The race is on!

Just in time for Halloween?!


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Jennifer P said...

I have never that song. I am not world famous. I just ate half of a chocolate bar. And the way I figure we'll drop the weight just in time for Christmas.