Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week one - Check

I'm going to go ahead and call week one a success. I could go on about all the things I could have done better/more of/differently, but instead I'll focus on the positives.

They are:
I ran, a few times. More importantly, I ran at a decent pace for the beginning of training and with no pain in my stupid glute that's been giving me all sorts of hell. Today is Sunday and I will get a longer run in today. I figure one more week and I'll be back in the swing of things.

I did yoga and strength training and I pushed it. Hard. So hard that I was sore for two days. Nice.

I counted points and did not bad. This was probably my weakest accomplishment of the three but what I love about WW is that every day is a new day and every week a clean slate. Hello, clean slate. I love you.

Goals for week two:
Count points and stay within in them (plus flex points or activity points)
Get three runs in
Yoga and strength train, once and twice respectively

Somehow do this all while moving, working and looking after Chou.

Sure, no problem.

Friday, May 29, 2009

All that matters

All that matters is life.
In all its forms.

Take care of each other.
Take care of yourself.
Ask for help when you need it.
Take help when it is offered.

Please, take help when it is offered.
Every life is worth it.

All is well with us here, so please don't worry. It's another family that is hurting today, and I won't go in to it here. Just, please, take care of each other.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's all good

The switch flipped Sunday morning.

Since then, I've been counting points, feeling good, running, yogaing and strength training, all the while playing outside with my baby, getting my mile-long moving to do list done and somehow getting work done too.

I am super woman. Hear me roar.


I had to run to our new wee town this week to sign some papers, drop off some deposits and pick up some do-dads (totally a word). What would have taken me all morning in Ottawa (and cost me $10 in parking) took me 20 minutes, on foot and didn't cost me a dime. The town we're moving to is built into the side of the most beautiful valley in Saskatchewan and as of this week the heat and the rain has brought out the green. As I pulled out of town my eyes went to the beautiful dirt path that winds its way along the river...just a few more days and that will be my running route. I got so excited I spilled my coffee.

And today, after three days of workouts, the body is hurting, but in that oh so good way. I went clothes shopping yesterday, and while I know I could fit the pants a bit better, all has not been lost in the last two months of craziness.

It's all good, people. It's all good.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The uniform requires 25 years I don't have

I often entertain the idea of becoming all sorts of different things when I grow up - massage therapist, financial planner, exercise rider, yoga instructor, electrician, you know, the usual. Just because I entertain the thought doesn't mean I'm serious. I love that Mr. Wumpus not only supports this, he also gamely plays along.

Last night I was invited for my first night out since moving here. It was for a facial, or so I thought. In truth it was for a "makeover" a Mary Kay meeting. But instantly I was OK with that when the woman at the front proclaimed, "In every meeting there is someone for whom Mary Kay might be the right fit." Inside my dreamer said "Pick me!".


No really, I don't want to be a makeup lady. Hell, I only learned how to apply liquid liner THIS year. And I am 30 years old. Seriously. My mum, sisters and girlfriends took one look at this 13 year old tomboy and must have said "No hope. Let's focus on a girl we can have an effect on."

They were probably right, but my problem is I'm addicted to possibility and opportunity. I hear there's a desperate need for curbside recycling in this city and I'm half way through a business plan before I realize I don't really want to pick up recycling for a living. True story.

Back to getting my make up done. First, it was a great evening. I'm not knocking Mary Kay - the stuff was nice, not smelly, went on nicely and I walked out looking only a little like a street walker. The woman who invited me is a peach and we had a great hour getting to know each other.

But as I sat there in that small group of welcoming spirits I really truly did think about becoming a Mary Kay lady. That was, of course, until I looked around the room more closely. Each and every single one of the MK girls had the exact same hairstyle - short, highlighted and colored to cover the gray - frameless glasses with dark arms, a dark, boxy skirt suit and low dark heels. I cannot make this up. Even their body shapes were, more of less, exactly the same. I giggled only a little at being the junior in the room by at least 15 to 20 years and wearing jeans and a colour other than black.

But hey, at least the hair is short and highlighted. Maybe they'll have me?

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I should be basking in the (super sore) limelight of finishing my second half marathon right now.

Instead, the Midwife is there, kicking out a personal record, I'm sure. I'm sad I'm not there, disappointed I'm not even close to my half marathon fitness level even though I'm not running. But I rolled out of bed this morning completely sick of myself and this excuse laden existence I've been bopping around in for the past two months.

As of this morning, I'm counting points again. No, I haven't rejoined WW - there are only two meetings in the city and neither are anywhere near me. I've thought about joining online, but I think I need the face to face stuff. I'm undecided about what to do, but I can't let that stop me from writing down what I eat.

I know that weighing in every week in front of someone and tracking it does make a difference, but really WW is about writing down what you eat and stopping eating when you're out of points. I don't need to join to do that.

What makes this new beginning especially difficult is that Chou Chou is no longer nursing enough for me to be eating those 5 extra points I had. I'm keeping one for her one morning nurse, but this dialing back means a whopping 22 points to eat in a day. I started with 29 and was so happy with all the food I could eat. This is going to be much more of a challenge.

And yet, this morning I'm up for it. I'm not trying to shove everything I find in the fridge in my mouth. Our day hasn't gone as planned (we're supposed to be watching barrel racing right now 2 hours away, but Chou had other plans), but instead of wallowing in it, I'm showered, coffeed, fed and planning to take Chou to the park - in the stroller, of course, even if the park is a solid mile away. I mean, it's a mile. Whoopity do.

I've also discovered that committing to eating well costs exactly $21 at costco. What is this magical silver bullet solution to health available at the one and only money pit? A salad spinner of course! I've done without one for so long that I'd forgotten just how easy peasy they are to work and what a difference having shredded, clean, dry lettuce at your finger tips can do for your food choices. As the very wise (so wise she's going gray) Jen P said, "Just start with eating one salad a day." Day one: Check.

Here we are - Day one. Again. Countdown to the fall marathon: 111 days

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fortnight (of months)

Is a fortnight 14 nights? I think so. Maybe I'm wrong. Dr. Google, won't you help?

Either way, Chou is 14 months old today.

It's been an interesting month. We've settled in here in our new town in our temporary digs, waiting on a house. In just over a week, Chou will have a gigantic yard, her own park really, and her crib and oodles of toys back. She'll also have her clothes, thank goodness, because she's probably grown a solid two cm in the last six weeks. When we got here she could walk under the table. A week a go, the top of her crown grazed the bottom of the glass. Today she officially rubs the top of her head.

At 14 months, Chou is finally getting some chompers. Two more on the top broke through this week, bringing the total to six. Not like she cares - she'll eat an apple like a grown up and mows down everything we put in front of her. Her favorite right now is Indian food, hard boiled eggs, hummus, apples (the core especially) and cottage cheese. Oh, the cottage cheese we are running through! It's nuts. Well, not literally. She also usually insists on her own spoon and is surprisingly good at feeding herself most things.

She has mastered the head shake and nod, though seems to use them at random and appropriate times. She says No with a head shake that simply makes me giggle it's so adorable. She's taking in far more than we are aware of and will follow very specific directions. She knows the names of all her toys and will fetch the correct one when asked. She also uses everything as a phone - remotes, real phones, a shoe, a cloth, all become phones so she can say hello.

Ah, and buttons. She's mastered turning off the TV, changing the channel and running away and hitting redial while I'm on the phone. She loves to put everything down my shirt - blocks, apple cores, remotes - you name it. She loves to read too. I love how she'll choose a book and proceed to climb on to my lap, not matter how indisposed I may be. She will sit, turning the pages, maybe paying attention, maybe not, snuggled on my lap through countless reads of Miss Spider's ABCs. It's the closest we get to really snuggling, although she has started the most adorable giving of hugs, where she lays her tow head on your shoulder, wraps her chubby hands around your neck and squeezes with all her might. I breathe her in, loving every moment.

Chou is thriving at her daycare. She has a 2-year old boyfriend whom she kisses hello each morning. He tries to run, but it's futile. She's so happy when I arrive to pick her up, I almost don't want to take her home, just to let her play longer. I feel so lucky to have found this.

And her newest trick has me shaking my head and sprouting gray hairs. Not only can she climb ON the couch, but she can also get off the couch. Only, simply slithering off the couch will not do. She must LEAP. She literally will take a running jump off the couch so long as there's a folded blanket at the bottom to cushion her blow.

We're in trouble once we get back to the hardwoods.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What the hell, Steve Jobs?

I love Macs. I swear by them. I'm willing to pay the premium for the suckers because I do think in the long run you save money (and are more secure) by using a Mac.

Well, I did think that. Until today.

Two months ago our Mac did this weird startup loop thing that ended up being linked to a malfunctioning cable related to our CD rom. $150 later it was fixed. Not a big deal, but a bit of a pain in the ass, especially on a machine not quite 1.5 years old that cost a solid $500 more than the closest PC.

Then today, the speaker went from decent sound for a little bugger to a pingy dingy icky sound. It's still there, the sound, but it's tinny and quiet. Ugh.

Sure, we've used this thing as a television and daily work device for 1.5 years straight, but I'm pretty sure speakers should last longer than that. Or is that startup loop sound really, really hard to make, little speaker?

Steve Jobs? Are you listening? Un-happy camper right over here.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


When you write for a living, not being able to write is bad.

Oh, so bad.

Problem is, I don't know how to shake this not-being-able-to-write thing.

As my sister put it, "Your job is my worst nightmare."

It's quickly becoming mine.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The second time around

Last year's mother's day was lovely...I think. Oh right, now I remember. I flew home from Winnipeg to waiting gifts and a welcome break from having Chou Chou (at 6 weeks old) all to myself for 10 days. I was happy and exhausted and just starting to figure out this living life with a baby in tow thing. I'll let you know when I have it completely figured out. Er, right.

This year, the day was far more mellow and lovely, and way more fun. Chou Chou had me in stitches today - a better gift than any that can be bought. She's learned to Moo at the cow in her book, woof at the puppy and make the sign for bath time on her very round buddha belly. She also runs around squealing in delight at just about anything and it just fills this house with joy.

She also pooped on the floor. Twice. It was my fault, of course. She had her apres dinner schlitz, as we like to call it, so I took off the diaper and left her commando to air out before bath time (which she signed when I said it. So cute). She clearly wasn't done....I'm so glad she's not just drinking milk anymore, let me tell you. Still, I laughed so hard, first at myself for not putting a diaper back on her and then again when she crouched and laid a turd not once, but twice on the living room floor. Ah, poop! So funny.

And speaking of not drinking milk, my wee baby is down to one nurse in 24 hours. At 4 am. It's wonderful in so many ways, now that my body is adjusting. I do miss the cuddles, though. So the 4 am thing? Totally worth it.

Happy mum's day y'all.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Square One

Now that all this house hooplah is settling down, it's time to take a long hard look at my fitness regime.

Well, that was easy. I have none.

While my midwife is tapering for a half marathon I signed up for, I'm getting lazier, making poor food choices and generally back sliding into the plus sizes (that might be a slight exaggeration).

I feel like I'm starting back at square one. I have zero get up and go. I've been making terrible food decisions and excuses and I really have no reason for it all except that I'm a lazy, lazy seed.

And I can't get motivated.

A little help?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meet me on the front porch....

...because it's ours!

(And I am so happy.)

I would post pictures, but you know, I'm an idiot and didn't bring my uploader thingy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Yo-yo, complete with strings

Our house, our almost house, could be our house again.

No, not the over-priced one we let go, the wee little one in the small town with the covered porch and the french doors. That one. After two weeks of house searching, disappointment, withdrawn offers and new home walk-throughs, we were real estated out. We even promised each other a weekend free of house shopping. That lasted four hours. A telephone call from an owner wondering if we were still interested in a house got us back on the topic, back online and back to the drawing board.

By Sunday morning, we'd decided that we did, in fact, want to live in the little house out of town and that we'd even pay them the price they insisted on (still below asking price, so small woo hoo there). We drove out to the most perfect town, caught garter snakes (me) and ate rocks (Chou) in the perfect sunshine. Then we called about the house, only to have our hearts broken when we learned it was conditionally sold.

After having our (newest) dreams dashed, we went straight to the new build open house in the city and decided that building new, while scary and really expensive, was decent value, all things considered. We settled in for the evening deciding to save our pennies and plan for a new build.

Then today I got an e-mail from the owner of the perfect little house that we'd now lost twice.

The deal fell through. They're open to offers.

And so, we go back in an hour to (we hope) lay claim to our covered porch and park like yard.

Oh, I hope this works.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I'm now 30. While I joke that it's my 2nd annual 29th birthday and bemoan the wrinkles and the demise of my 20s, in reality, I'm very happy to be 30.

I look in the mirror and I'm ok with what I see. I look around at my little family and the life we're building and I'm happy. I think of my family and friends who I wish were here, and there are many of them and they are all wonderful people. I am blessed, I am happy and I like me a whole lot more than I did at 20. This is all good.

And the best part? Last night Chou slept through the night for the first time....from 7:30 pm to 5 am, straight through. She nursed, then went back to bed for two hours. Even better, the husband and I woke up at 6:30, with no alarm, and he brought me gifts of Gucci smelly stuff and a new makeup bag. He's arranged for a babysitter tonight so we can go out for our first dinner alone(!) since Chou was born. Oh, AND I get to watch the Kentucky Derby before we go.

Life doesn't get any better than this.

Happy birthday to me. Welcome here, dirty thirties. Let's party.