Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Say what is, not what isn't

I could bemoan the fact that I only yesterday really got a feel for my new runners, even though I bought them in November. I could winge and whine about how my lungs didn't much care for the biting air on yesterday's run (Chou passed along her kennel cough to me. How sweet!) I could complain and get down on myself for only starting running now, six days before my hypo half that I won't be running.

Or I could just be happy that I've started running again.

Yes, let's go with that.

In other news, head on over to Decaf Please and congratulate Jen P on the swift and punctual arrival of her sweet baby girl. P.S. I was so right on the gender AND the date of birth. Just had to throw that out there.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today's hat

There are few duties as important or unpleasant as caring for a sick baby. I'm lucky to have had - thus far - one very hardy critter of a child. Chou Chou rarely catches anything and when she does she's over it in no time. I suppose at some point I just expected to have the Child Who is Never Ill.

But then I started my new job this week. I'm a bit stressed (judging by the amount of carbs I've eaten in the past two days, I'm a LOT stressed), distracted and not sleeping well. It's all part of the changeover and, eventually, I'm going to enjoy this job a whole lot more than my last role.

Of course, that's all assuming that whatever Chou has come down with goes away. Friday she spiked a fever, it went away and she was fine for two days, except for a little rash on her trunk that's been there for awhile and looks like noxema (but the skin condition I can't spell) so I don't think much of it. Then Tuesday morning she woke up sick, then was better but still no appetite. Then yesterday wasn't really eating but no fever and just the trots (sorry, I hope you weren't eating breakfast). Then last night, while I'm home on my own, she was up at midnight sick, slept on and off all night and then was up at 530 wanting to snoozle on the couch. She's not getting sick, but she won't eat and now has a fever. And the rash looks worse.

So this morning, on day 3 of my new job, when I have three interviews to do and no husband to help, we're heading to the doctor (a big deal for us). Because today I'm mummy, caring for a sick baby and that's always job number 1.

Wish us luck.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I believe that's how Chou says "Here you go". Which is sort of funny, because she can say far more complex words and sentences, but somehow here you go is huckala. That's OK. It's funny. And we all know everyone loves funny.

The blog, like running, has become a looming task that I avoid. I want to do both, but both have tumbled down the priority list in the face of life and work. So much is going well - Chou is growing and developing at an alarming rate, letting us all know just what age she's turning without having to look at a calendar. Work is also going well. I've been given a major vote of confidence from boss and have been handed a magazine that goes to 60,000 people. OH THE POWER. Well, not really, but I have been far more interested and inspired about work since taking on the role.

Home life isn't going as well. I'm struggling to get enough activity in a day and the husband is doing a fantastic job revamping his intake to drop the belly fat. It's a great thing, but it's left him more than a little crabby, and me not running has left me short tempered and emotional. It's not a good mix. We're still working at trying to build a social network. It's tough out here. There's nothing really wrong with our day to day, there's just not much to look forward to beyond work, cooking and cleaning. Not fun.

I don't write here often, but I read all the blogs I follow. I'm inspired by what I see. I hope it's enough to get me out there again.

So, huckala. There you go.