Sunday, May 1, 2011

Take it easy

How has it been over a month since I've posted? Sheesh.

It's been a busy stretch, but I'm thankful and excited to be heading into the very slow time with work. Last summer, I was so concerned about what it would take to put a monthly magazine together, I sat at my desk for hours not doing anything but petrified that if I left my desk I'd some how not get the job done.

This year, I know that when I need to work, I work hard. But after doing three issues a month, one a month is very manageable. I've accepted this so easily that I've even decided to actually take holidays. And real ones! Not ones where I still work. No, a real vacation, a week away without interviews, notes, editing and proofing.

First, we're spending a week in Ottawa in early June. Then we'll have a stay-cation in July. Then in late July I'll take a week in Winnipeg. In early September, we're going to Victoria to visit friends and celebrate our sixth anniversary. All of this might seem very ho-hum to most, but for me, for us, we never, ever do this. And I cannot wait.

What are you doing for fun this summer?


Cara said...

We will be heading out to Grand Beach as often as we can. Other then that my hubby will be working on our basement and I will be praying for cool weather and a fast delivery. This does not sound exotic I know, but with our girls life in general is entertaining.

Farmer Flinta said...

I will be playing ball two or three times a week. Hopefully at the end of August (maybe Sept. long) the husband and I will drive to the mountains and take advantage of the fresh fruit harvest in the B.C. valley on our way to visit family in Rossland. First time there without snow.
And of course, many ww tours. Althought the winter pea plots looks interesting.