Saturday, November 7, 2009

That's about right

I weighed in this morning after two weeks on my supposed health kick, 10 lb-loss-by Christmas eve thing. Before I tell you what my whopping weight loss was, let me tell you that it is more than fair for the amount of effort I've put in to the challenge thus far.


I've lost...drum roll please....

.2 pounds!

Yes! .2 pounds! Not even a half! And the crowd goes wild!

Ok. Enough, enough. Sit down.


Where to begin?

The good:

Managed to run with Jen P. It felt great, but clearly wasn't enough to overcome my inertia. I rode, also good and because I have a standing date there, will ride again. Also good. I've picked up the pace walking Chou to daycare and walked her all but one day out of the last seven drop offs (it's a solid 20-25 minutes twice a day when I bring her). This week has been quite good for my eating - lost of salads with dinner and I've purged the house of yucky stuff and left only the good stuff. I've even dusted off the WW recipes and I'm loving them.

The bad:

Um, Halloween and the trip to Winnipeg did nothing good for my eating habits. I've managed to cut down my liquor consumption, but still have not entirely cut it out (which for me, really helps). I'm still eating too much total and grazing too much and eating too few veggies.

The awful:

In the past two weeks here is my workout tally:

A 30 minute run



And I have no idea how to jump start this except with jumper cables, a cattle prod and an electric fence all while standing in water. Seriously folks, the level of inertia I feel morning, noon and night feels insurmountable right now.

I know others who are feeling lousy, are way busier or seriously knocked up who are literally running, lifting, biking and swimming circles around me.

I also know that now and again this happens. My mind has decided the body doesn't like moving and full stop, that's the end of it.

So what I need from you is encouragement. OK? And keep the swears to a minimum please.

The Inert One


Smithers said...

Okay, Ms. Wumpus...You gotta get out there and do it for YOU. Not because others are doing more or because you have to meet some challenge. Go do it because it makes you feel good and you like it. Think of that awesome feeling you have when you are done with a great, focus on that feeling and put one leg in front of the other.

You can do this. The great thing about inertia is that at first it can make you resist moving...but once you start moving, it's what helps keep you in motion. Trust me, I teach this stuff. :)

So, put on your shoes and go kick some asphalt because you want to...not because you have to.

Now...I have to go listen to my own advice. :)

Jennifer P said...

I have a special package that I'm mailing to you that will kick start your behind.

I also find that after you air your dirty lazy secrets (I did to the trainer on Thursday) that your excuses actually are very lame and that's enough to get going.

And if all else fails? Call me.