Monday, February 8, 2010


I believe that's how Chou says "Here you go". Which is sort of funny, because she can say far more complex words and sentences, but somehow here you go is huckala. That's OK. It's funny. And we all know everyone loves funny.

The blog, like running, has become a looming task that I avoid. I want to do both, but both have tumbled down the priority list in the face of life and work. So much is going well - Chou is growing and developing at an alarming rate, letting us all know just what age she's turning without having to look at a calendar. Work is also going well. I've been given a major vote of confidence from boss and have been handed a magazine that goes to 60,000 people. OH THE POWER. Well, not really, but I have been far more interested and inspired about work since taking on the role.

Home life isn't going as well. I'm struggling to get enough activity in a day and the husband is doing a fantastic job revamping his intake to drop the belly fat. It's a great thing, but it's left him more than a little crabby, and me not running has left me short tempered and emotional. It's not a good mix. We're still working at trying to build a social network. It's tough out here. There's nothing really wrong with our day to day, there's just not much to look forward to beyond work, cooking and cleaning. Not fun.

I don't write here often, but I read all the blogs I follow. I'm inspired by what I see. I hope it's enough to get me out there again.

So, huckala. There you go.


Sarah said...


Just thought I'd check in with you. I hear your pain on the "not much to look forward to" front. We are newly arrived in Brisbane and have no social network to speak of, either. It's exactly as you say - nothing wrong with the day-to-day, but nothing all that exciting either. However, one exciting thing that's going to change for me is that I'm starting midwifery school (!!) in a month. I think that will shake things up sufficiently, but maybe not on the social level. We'll see.

I'll keep reading as long as you keep posting :)


Beth said...

You have a lot of things going on so its natural that you can't fit everything in. Things will calm down and you'll figure it out. We all go through ebbs and flows with the various parts of our life. Glad so much is going well!