Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ebb and flow

I'm sometimes amazed by how distance doesn't seem to interfere with wavelengths. Until I speak with her, I suppose I'm assuming some things here, but Jen P offered up a lovely post today that mirrors my feelings too. No, I'm not a mummy of two, but the idea that our identities and priorities shift so dramatically in motherhood is something I've been mulling over only too often these days.

Her other point — the blogging, or lack thereof — is one I'm struggling with too. There are so very many posts that rattle around in this headspace of mine, and yet, if you take a look you'll notice a severe lack of recent entries. Of late, most not-quite-posts have been serious and life-altering, but the blog isn't always the best (or safest) place to work it out. For me, marooned here away from friends and family, running as therapy has started again. I just hope it works.

Today marks one year since packing up and leaving our fair capitol city and hunkering down in the wilds of Saskatchewan. While this prairie town has been both welcoming and not, and even as I struggle to build a support network and find my kindred spirits, I still, perhaps unbelievably, feel that I am home.

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Jessica said...

I agree with the blog sometimes being a dangerous place to air our thoughts...but if not here, where?