Friday, April 9, 2010

Feeding the soul

I've been looking for new dishes. I use the term new loosely; there are too many good old dishes out there to warrant me buying really new dishes. I told my (one) friend in town what I was looking for. I wanted fun, sturdy but cheap dinnerware. She delivered in spades. Did I mention she owns an antique shop? Total score for this lover of used things. Behold, for the whopping price tag of $15 I got a nearly complete set of Ironstone dinnerware. The pattern is Rushstone. Is $15 a good deal? Well, on eBay just the cream and sugar set goes for $30. Oh, yes. Deliciously retro, used, cheap AND a steal of a deal. I love these plates.

Mine are a bit more faded than this, and I'm in need of one dinner plate and a few other small pieces. If your grandma has some in the old cupboard, do give me a call.

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