Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I have several posts already written in my head. One is titled "At 32", the other "Reasons why I'm not blogging."

The trouble is, there is no magic way of making these blogs magically appear beyond physically typing them and these days I have very little time for typing.

And so I shall do a Bloggess type "Things I was doing while I wasn't here" recap (except that she does them every week and I haven't posted since June.

- Baking a baby. By now the entire world knows, because, well I'm 22 weeks and it's been Facebook news for like ever. More on this pregnancy later, including belly photos. A very large belly, I might add
- Finding a replacement for my 8 month mat leave
- Deciding to take only 8, not 12 months. (The hubby is taking the last 4)
- Feeling decidedly spoiled in being able to have 12 months of leave. I'm so sorry, Americano counterparts! Your systems sucks balls.
- Signing Chou up for dance and music and buying her first ever tap shoes and ballet slippers. WTF? Yes, it's true.
- Reno'ing the house, partially because we want to, partially because we have to. (more on that later, too)
- Stressing about money
- Buying a new (to us) truck
- Stressing even more about money
- Attending a marathon birth for close friends
- Wanting to do nothing but doula full time but see first point (so not going to happen for a solid few years yet)
- Saying goodbye to coffee, only to rediscover it as 1/3 cream, 2/3 coffee in my second trimester
- Missing my friends like crazy, but finally making some new ones here
- Saying goodbye to working out, eating too much and gaining 8 lb in 8 weeks (more on that later too)

Phew. OK, I promise a new blog post by the end of the week...month?

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