Tuesday, May 22, 2012

59 Days of Awesome

I have an Internets friend. She is awesome. Her posts remind me of why I loved blogging, but also about how long it has been since I blogged (early September of last year, but who's counting?). She's thrown down the 2012 Awesome Challenge.

I only found out about her 60 Days of Awesome challenge a day after it started, which seems fitting, in that I feel so very behind in all that I do these days. Since last blogged, we welcomed a wee 7 lb 12 oz boy in mid-January, who we discovered very quickly is actually a very little, very grumpy old man. You know, the type of little old man that thinks canned corn is all you need for vegetables and puts butter AND salt on his already salted and buttered mashed potatoes. Yes, that kind of grumpy old man. The first 12 weeks with wee boy were pure hell — he was colicky and a non-sleeper and taking care of him, and his now four year old sister and trying to take care of me, a house and all that jazz just made it feel like 12 weeks of torture.

But, here we are, at week 18 of having a wee boy and life is starting to sort itself out. That said, in true Wumpus style, we've decided that having a new baby isn't enough excitement. Instead, we're moving (end of June! Awesome!) and I've recently switched jobs (I start full time in September. The Husband will take pat leave...apparently. We'll see). Fun.

All of that is to say that running, fitness, eating well, sleeping, basic self-care has all fallen off the radar. I have accepted P-Bear's challenge of awesome to try, ever so little, to make every day a little more awesome.

Today's total: 10,000 awesome points for starting to blog after 8 months AND for having eaten very well all day (easy on the coffee, zero processed food and enough vegetables to meet the daily minimum, but just barely).