Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Maybe I could even get used to this

Day 2 of the 59 Days of Awesome challenge: In a word, awesome.

Pre two babies, today would have been an epic failure. I managed to do one load of laundry (it's folded but not put away), edited two videos and sent three emails (all work stuff), had coffee at a friend's and had supper ready at 6 pm. I didn't get the three errands done I needed to do. I packed exactly zero boxes. I purged no drawers, shelves or closets.

But I did play on the floor with my four month old. I did have a dance off with my four year old. I did chat with my brother (whom I almost never talk to and that bothers me) over text, and I did send two personal emails. I focused on good posture. I ate well (I did have a giant Prairie Cherry scone, but it was organic and cherries have antioxidants). I sipped some great scotch. I am blogging.

All in all, awesome. 10,000 points for blogging two days in a row.

P.S. I also made milk today. A lot of milk. 10,000 points for milk-making (it's totally a super power)

Epic Awesome Challenge total: 30,000 points.

How did you do Team Beaver?

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Valerie Ruth said...

i'm glad to see you blogging again! i've been checking regularly.