Friday, October 17, 2008


The shitty thing about completing a half marathon is that now it's done.

I've been in a funk all week. I recovered quickly from the run, although Sunday's knee-icing was a good idea. By Tuesday I could walk with almost no soreness and yesterday I ran a few blocks while pushing Chou Chou and didn't feel any twinges. I still plan on taking it easy for the next few weeks, but I'm ready to get moving again.

I say that here, but in reality I've been a junk-eating, caffeine-fueled lump of mush all week. I couldn't stop eating (Thanksgiving didn't help, to be fair), and I've done nothing but walk (to the coffee shop, grocery store). What's wrong with me?

Shopping is not my forte. Anyone who's ever met me will tell you that. But I'm wondering if picking up my race-finishing present to myself might help with my mood?

Beautiful aren't they? They're Nike Air Structure Triax 11. Long name that translates in English to - super comfy, won't make your big toe go numb, joint-saving loveliness. Really, it does.

And then there's setting my next fitness and racing goals. In the short term, I've got a Halloween family fun 5 km I'm doing once in Winterpeg next week, but that's it. Long-term, I'm looking at a half in May and in September. I need to go one step back from that though, I need to look at my immediate day to day eating and training and try and work out some sort of truce with my mind and body. Right now, they're fighting like cats and dogs and I end up losing. It sucks.

Wow, when did this become all weepy and downer? Sorry, guys.

On the upside, I leave for the Hometown in just five sleeps to spend two weeks visiting, relaxing, riding, running, shopping and generally showing off the Chou Chou to any and all who care to see her. Perhaps the change of scenery, the catching up with friends and the sweet wrench in the hum drum of the everyday will be just what I need to snap out of this.

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