Friday, September 4, 2009

Get this woman a cape

Some days it all comes together.

I've had two consecutive days of amazacrazy get 'er done sort of rock 'n rolling that makes me think everything and anything is possible.

For instance, today I have homemade bread cooling on the counter, diapers sun-bleaching on the rack, a slumbering toddler (daycare is closed this week), I just got some great feedback on an article and I've lined up my first guest blogging appearance (details on that later). Add to that that I've made a great contact in town who I think will become a friend and also a great resource for my freelance work, and badabing! this week kicks.

My hills workout on Wednesday was nothing to write home about, but I did it, in the heat, when I didn't want to. Today I'll do an easy 5 or 6 mile trot about town and start counting down the short month I have left until the half. I've cleaned up my diet, tossed out the liquor (figuratively) and upped my fish oil and B vitamins.

Now, if I could just cure cancer and fix my cowlicks the world we be a perfect utopia.

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