Friday, September 11, 2009

That good stink

There are several smells in this world that, to me, are pure bliss - even though to someone else they may be down right icky. Horses, manure and all, can never repel me. Your newborn's vernix and birth juice covered head is NOT icky, contrary to what all those hospital folk trying to rub off all the good stuff try and tell you. Being sweaty with soil under your finger nails and smelling of outside never fails to bring me back to being a kid at the farm.

On today's lunch time run, I drew in a good breath about 25 minutes in and realized I could smell a decidedly pleasant aroma and, lo and behold, it was coming from me. Well, my running tank to be exact. Now, I'm not talking about Swass, because that is always gross, and I don't mean this smell comes off any of my running shirts either. It must be the lack of armpits on this thing, but today my tank smelled of outside, sunshine, sweat and whatever polymer its made of that, combined, smelled like heaven.

I'm pretty sure this isn't what they mean by runner's high, but I'll take what I can get.

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