Thursday, September 10, 2009

A little heartbreak

Mr. Wumpus is out of town for a few weeks. Chou and I have 15 nights on our own before we see him again (three down, 12 to go). For the most part, Chou is oblivious - she plays at daycare all day and runs around the yard like a crazy person in the evenings. If she notices Daddy isn't around, she's not saying.

Except at night time. Daddy is the designated bather in our house. He's also story-reader and final lights out Night Night, Seepy Seepy (sic) guy.

Last night, after an evening out learning about all the amazing cloth diapering options and picking up some sweet deals, I nursed her and when she signed All done! I reached for her books. She promptly sat straight up, pointed at the door and exclaimed, Daddy!

When he didn't appear, as he always does, she turned and looked at me - wondering where exactly the story-reader had gone.

My heart broke, my eyes filled up and I told her we'd see daddy soon. Then I started the Going to Bed Book and she settled in for stories.

I know she's too young to understand he's coming back, but she's certainly old enough to know he's not there, and that bothers me. I know it's only temporary, but she doesn't and my heart hurts for her, just a little.


Anonymous said...

I count days too, when my husbands out of hate making food for....ME. No kids...yet

Anonymous said...

I feel joy when I hear this! Isn't it wonderful that she MISSES him...truly a feather in Dad's cap. What does it mean? That quality, not quantity is the key. That is truly heartwarming.
luv, J9