Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fat, but fast

Yesterday's weight: not much less than three weeks ago.


Yesterday's run: 4.02 miles in 39:13

For all you math averse people, that's 4 miles with an average of 9:45 min/mile. And thanks to the Goddam Garmin, I know that my first mile was my slowest and my fourth was my fastest. Well, well, well, look who's loving technology? And who's actually getting faster.

The only downside is this run was in preparation for the 10 km on Sunday. My last 10 km time was 1:04 and change, my best is somewhere around the 57/58 minute mark that I hit during the half last fall, but that's not official. This time I was hoping to get under 59:59...after yesterday's run, I know it's possible, but those 4 miles HURT, people. As in, owie. No, not injury hurt, just really hard work hurt.

Tomorrow I'm doing an easy 3 miles and taking Saturday off. My first race report (in oh so long) of 2010 to come Sunday!

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