Monday, May 3, 2010

Sweet and bitter

I celebrated a milestone yesterday. For all of you who want to know, I'm now 28 again. And then a few more times. Whatever. I'm not one who really cares about age. I don't feel "old" no matter what the driver's license says and I've heard that your 30s are just like your 20s only you have money, don't have any exams and your skin is saggier. True story. Where was I going with this? Oh, right. Good and bad, bitter and sweet, yin and yang, all that jazz.

Good things:
I received a Garmin 405 for my birthday. Wow.
I ran today and officially kicked off my 2010 training season. (maybe I did that already? Nope. Restart. Today is the kick off.)
I'm feeling positive and productive and I've cut back my caffeine intake and haven't killed anyone. But I work from home, alone. So take it for what it is.

Bad things:
I stepped on the scale yesterday. Ouch.
I ran today without really figuring out how to use my Garmin. There are very few things in this world more annoying than technology screwing with your day. My run, therefore, was a little pathetic and I was frustrated and irritated by my new toy. Bad toy!
Did I mention I stepped on the scale? Yes, well. Ouch.

But on to bigger and better things.

I've got a few hundred posts rattling around in my head, but the general theme is this: I've got some time goals, some fitness/weight/shape goals and a new virtual training buddy. All of this is good. Stay tuned for the details. Until then, just know that I will spend tonight learning to use the goddam Garmin and will head out tomorrow for more miles and less frustration.

Oh yes I will.

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