Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Love Regina race report. Sort of.

What do you call a race report when you don't technically race but you did really give 'er and treated it like a real race? Um, right. You know what you call it? You call it 4 degrees out, a stupid online registration that doesn't work because you live out of town (lame!) and a Goddam Garmin.

Here's what happened:

I had full intentions of heading into the city for the 9 am race. I tried to register online and found out I couldn't because I'm not a city resident. I would have had to show up on a Sunday morning BEFORE 8 am just to register, then hang out for an hour. Not the end of the world, except that it was four degrees out and I was going alone. What in the hell would I do?

But then I got ticked at myself for nearly baling on yet another race.

And I have a handy new tool, the Goddam Garmin. Why can't I just do an accurate 10 km (6.21 miles) and treat it like a real race?

Yes, well.

That's what I did.

And guess what?

59:44. My last personal record? 1 hour 4 minutes and change. Heck yes.

Splits (I love that I can do this):
Mile 1 - 9:27
Mile 2 - 9:39
Mile 3 - 9:53 (minutes 25-35 are always my toughest)
Mile 4 - 9:58 (See?)
Mile 5 - 9:32 (I started feeling fantastic)
Mile 6 - 9:26 (See? FASTEST MILE!)
Last .21 in 1:50 (but it ended rough. I was dragging my feet. 6 miles is definitely where my endurance level is right now. Time to get building! Bring on the hills and track workouts. Did I just say that? Yes I did.)

A few notes - I drank no water or ate any gels. No worries, given how cool it was outside, but I need a new water bottle because had it been any warmer I would have been hurting. Also, as a congratulations to myself I bought this:

My girls need a house!

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Cara said...

That's awesome! Two thumbs up. I must say, I'm a little jealous....