Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gate 44A was Hawaii, Gate to Winnipeg

I'm nearly done packing for our three week whirlwind tour of western Canada. We've got two weeks in Winnipeg, then a week in Prince George to visit, play, visit some more, get a haircut, run, go for a sleigh ride, run some more, visit some more, maybe shop, then run and return home.

Leaving on these visits home is always bittersweet. Three weeks in the life of a baby in her first year is like three months for a toddler. Chou is nearly walking, so much so that I think she'll truly be walking by the time we return home. One friend suggested I tie her legs together with baler twine to keep her from getting too good at it in the absence of her dad. Good suggestion, Farmer Lynda!

I'm going to miss Mr. Wumpus and his help with Chou, but mostly I'm going to miss watching them together and our evening giggle fest on the floor of the living room. And I'm sad that he's going to miss these few weeks with Chou, when her babbling is starting to form words, her hand gestures communicating her thoughts and her little legs carrying her further every day. But in reality, there's a reason we're going now; Mr. W is working so hard and such hours that there have been a few days where he's seen Chou a total of 30 minutes in a day. Being a de facto single parent is no fun - being one away from most of my friends and all of my family is down right difficult. It doesn't have to be that way, and so this, my last month of mat leave, I'm hitting the road and leaning on my family and friends to entertain us (and maybe help me get my training runs in? Thanks!).

For all its storied weather, Winnipeg is still home. Yes, even Winnipeg in February. While the Midwife jets off to Hawaii, and some of my Manitoba folks head to warmer climes, I head to Winnipeg. Trust me, the hilarity of it all is not lost on me. But it is home - where my people are, and I can't wait to get there.

Editor's note: I hope to keep up with my training posts on here, as I will have access to les Internets, but I'll be sporadic. Apologies in advance. Hugs. Be well. Stay warm.
- Ms. C. Wumpus.

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