Friday, February 27, 2009

11 months

My poor kid.

We've been home two nights now and she's had a great time rediscovering her toys, but a horrible time adjusting back to her old crib. It doesn't help that her two big top chicklets cut through last week and are working their way out entirely. Poor shitter.

Which brings us to me being a few days late with this month's newsletter. But heck, as of a few nights ago we were in B.C. Give me a break.

Chou has come into her own this month, perfecting the bye bye to anyone and everyone (and her hand is usually facing her, instead of the person, which adds to the adorable factor). She understands the word "dance", and will boogie when you say it. She'll also boogie to any beat or song - theme songs, jingles, singing, anything. She loves to bang the drum and mash the piano and sing sing sing.

She's a real charmer, too. Men with facial hair and glasses are her favorite and she'll smile and flirt better than her mummy can. I'm in so much trouble.

Within the last few weeks she's really taken off on her feet. She can do three to four steps on her own but prefers to hand on to the very little tip of your finger for support so she can RUN everywhere. And she circles and circles and circles...usually to the right. Is she showing a handedness already? Maybe.

The chatter from Chou is hilarious and non stop. Neena showed her this neat noise that happens when she sticks her tongue out, and it's a new favorite.

My love of animals seems to have transferred; horses get an "oooohh" and pointing finger, puppies get a dead fish kiss and a point on the nose, cats good enough to stick around (Mickey) get their tails pulled (with love). This month, Chou had her first pony ride and when it ended she bounced up and down as if to say, "keep it up!" Probably my proudest moment to date.

While Chou is lovely, she's also showing her playful and stubborn streak. She loves to drop things to watch you pick them up and will head for whatever it is you've told her you can't have. She'll gesture her want of something and heaven help you if you don't hand it over. We're in for a tough ride, I think.

And finally, babies. She loves babies. All babies, which means anyone under the age of 12. She wants to follow them, kiss them and poke their eyes out. Her head will swivel at the slightest glimp of a mini person. This makes me happy, as we sit on the eve of her starting day care. It gives me at least a little comfort to know she wants to be around other babies.

Today is my last official day of maternity leave. In so many ways, it's been the best, most amazing year of my life. Monday starts a new chapter. One where babe gets on her own for a few hours everyday, one where I get my own time for a few hours everyday. I miss her already, but she's more than ready for a few dedicated hours of playtime. And like it or not, I could use a few hours in a day sans-Chou. But I miss her when she's sleeping in the next room. What do I do when she's slumbering a mile away?


Where's the giant pause button? For the first time, I've wanted time to stand still.

I still don't know how I let this sweet, perfect being out of my sight. No one told us about this in pre-natal class. I want a refund.

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