Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's like wheat, only better

I made not one but two puffed wheat cakes this past week. If you must know, the first one did not work out. Who knew that corn syrup was not a replaceable ingredient? Not me, that's who. The second cake turned out beautifully and lasted in this house for only 4 hours. In fairness, we did have guests but, wow, that's a lot of puffed wheat cake.

Some of my earliest memories of our farm are of me, huddled by one of the heating vents in the kitchen munching puffed wheat for breakfast. When I found the stuff last week in the store I was more excited than I should have been and just about ran out of the store, rushing to get home to eat the stuff.

Seeing Chou devour the stuff like it's crack for babies is total vindication. Did I mention plunking it on the high chair and letting her chase it around is the only way I get dishes washed these days? Praise be to whoever looked at a wheat kernel and said, "We should blow that shit up."

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