Sunday, February 1, 2009

When do you know that the plow is truly stalking you?

Today wraps up week one of half mary training. Overall, it was a success: I managed only two of three prescribed runs, but my 3 mile tempo turned into 3.9 miles with a stroller and my 5 mile long run was a good 5.09 on mostly greasy streets while still managing to stay in the middle of my pace range. I also got three strength workouts and one cardio plus abs in for a total of six, yes, six workouts this week. Oh, and mini high five to me: today's run lasted roughly 55 minutes...we ran it straight through, and it wasn't that hard. Training for the half in October, I'd do walk breaks for anything in the 45 min+ range, so although I likely could have gone straight through, I didn't. Now I'm thinking I'm likely capable of a 10 km without stopping. Two and a half years ago it took me 55 minutes to do 5 km with 5 walk breaks.

My new running buddy and fellow half mary trainee, the Midwife, deserves credit for getting my sorry arse out there. She was even brave enough to take turns pushing the stroller on our tempo run through snowy, greasy streets. But I balance that with her poor choice of running routes while the snow plows are out - the same plow passed us not once, not twice but FOUR times, three times coming up behind us (once on a VERY narrow street) and then passing towards us. Then we nearly ran into the back of a turning car whose dog in the back started barking wildly at us skirting around them. Then, near home, we passed a, um, half way house (if that's what it's called) for special folks, three of which positively gaped at us with their crooked, toothless grins. They seemed harmless enough, but I couldn't help but giggle at our luck. I mean, it was 10:30 on a Sunday morning and we nearly get run down by a plow - three times - get barked at and nearly hit then get leered at by homeless guys. At least it wasn't boring.

And now I head into a tough week to plan my training. Thursday is a prescribed rest day, which is good, as that's travel day, but my 4 miles on Friday and 6 miles on Sunday? I still have no clue how that's going to happen. Meh. I'll manage.

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Coach Jen said...

I'll run! I'll run! My calendar says 12 miles for Sunday -- I like yours better.