Monday, June 22, 2009

Freshman 15

Chou is 15 months old today.

This age is an interesting mix of infant baby sweetness and terrible twos independence. She's started throwing fits when we re-direct her from something she feels she MUST do, but is also becoming much more of a cuddle bug than she's ever been before. She seems to understand affection now, giving us loads of hugs and kisses, squeezes and pats.

She went through a bit of a daddy phase there, preferring him to me for most things. Her play has become more imaginative, more purposeful. She colours - mostly on paper - holding the crayon or pen in her right hand for most of the time but switching it up now and then for the fun of it. Seeing her pudgy little fingers gripping a pen so perfectly, as if she's been doing this all her life, never ceases to make me chuckle. Her dexterity goes beyond pens too - she feeds herself, keeping the spoon upright (as opposed to flipping it over just before it hits her mouth), she puts her shoes on (sometimes on the right feet), she tries to put her shirts on herself...usually getting hung up in the neck hole.

Her language is expanding both verbally and in understanding - she'll touch her toes on command and point out my eyes and nose. Ever the observant one, she points up to the counter where she knows her favorite muffins are even though she can't see them. Her dancing has evolved into a definite booty shake, complete with spins and arm twirls. Hip hop/dance music is still her very favorite. Mr. Wumpus picked up some maracas, a tiny pink tamborine and castanets the other day at the music store in town - I think I enjoy them all more than she does.

Chou Chou is an excellent helper, helping me pull weeds and water her sunflowers. She's also developed an obsession for water bottles (the running kind) and won't drink out of her sippy anymore unless she's absolutely parched. She eats apples like a big girl and will anhilate an entire thing right down to the core just on the ride home from daycare. Pumpkin muffins, hummus and oatmeal cookies are her new favorite foods, though brown rice and cottage cheese ranks up there on the list.

Wee Chou has rekindled her love of the running stroller and downright expects a stroll about town daily. Lucky for us, we always have lots to explore in our new town.

Her sleeping habits are evolving into something I can really live with - she sleeps through the night on a regular basis, without even a pre-dawn nurse - but the best part is she lets us know when it's time for bed time. Today, for nap (late morning only, she's dropping down to one nap), we played in her room for a while, then, she turned on her sound machine, grabbed a book and crawled up in my lap. She crosses her little feet and waits expectantly for her story. Then it's into the crib, she grabs cuskie, rolls over and doesn't make a peep. Hilarious.

So the shoes don't match the dress, sue me.

Doing her best Mike Holmes impression

Me? Throw a tantrum? Never.

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Anonymous said...

She looks like a young pioneer!