Saturday, June 27, 2009

Objets d'art

My mug is on the left - who says mugs must match? Our goal is to replace all our mugs with ones like these, none of which match, so that guests will always know which mug is theirs. All the old ladies are cringing at my non-matchyness, I'm sure.

Behold, the latest finding in our tiny town - the most beautiful, handcrafted, one of a kind coffee mugs. Made by our nearly neighbor and sold at her lovely gallery just minutes from our house in what used to be the general store people stepping off the train would visit in days of yore. We picked these up during an art exhibit (we couldn't afford the art...but the cheese was good) last night. Yes, I said art exhibit. I swear there is a new one every week. Have I mentioned I love my town? I love my town.

I realized yesterday, in trundling home with our new finds, that I have such beautiful things for a none thing-lover. We had tea out of my antique tea cups yesterday, while sitting on my stunning cedar porch. I lovingly washed the cups and put them back in their antique pine hutch, nestled among my crystal and china. Beautiful things. Old things, mismatched and imperfect, and wholly beautiful. I am a lucky girl.

Oh, and the most beautiful of all...

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