Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Friday, I'm in love

There's no way to get around it - I love farming. I love agriculture. The entire industry wows me at every turn. I'm fascinated, awed, frustrated and inspired all at once.

I met my new home province's farm writer group last night. It's a very different group from the one I left in Manitoba, but lovely nonetheless. It felt oh so good to be out with my colleagues for an evening (Mr. Wumpus stayed home with Chou Chou, his second time putting her down for the night alone. They kicked ass. Makes me happy.)

This three day farm show I've been at has rekindled my love of writing, farm writing, specifically and has got me fired up for the summer.

Now I just need to translate this new momentum to my running and training. Of course, numbnuts here wore heels all day yesterday and blistered the snot out of my one heel. Dammit.

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