Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pinch me

On second thought, don't.

I've woken up and realized I live in paradise. The house is better than lovely - full of character, more space than we know what to do with - and the town is even better. Today I went for a massage that rivals that of Demi God's work in Ottawa. My porch is large, inviting and getting a lot of use. I've met the neighbors and their dogs. I can use internets and talk on the phone at the same time. We only had to demo one plank to get the brand spankin' new washer and dryer into the basement. Friend upon friend is promising to visit (and most of them actually will). I can walk into town in five minutes, do all my running around and everyone says hello and welcome.

I never want to leave.

C'mon by whenever you can. The porch is always open.

*Photos to come...just as soon as I unpack the boxes marked "office" and find my camera cord.

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Anonymous said...

Have you met my bro and family yet?