Sunday, March 1, 2009

Toe puller

I learned something about myself while buying my latest favorite thing:

Ah, sweet Saucony.

What I learned - I'm a toe puller. It means that when I place my foot while running, I over flex my foot and pull my big toe up towards my shin. Which means I end up with numb big toes on long runs. Thank you, Running Room guy! I was nervous about buying shoes that had any sort of seam over the big toe because of said numb toe problem, but have since put 15 miles on these bad boys with nary a sore toe in sight, simply by thinking about keeping my foot relaxed as I run. And the cushion, oh the cushion! It's like running on pillows (My mizunos were flat like flip flops by the time I finally retired them two weeks ago). Makes me almost look forward to today's 6 miles in the -17 sunshine.

I said almost.

1 comment:

coach jen said...

I'll be thinking of you during my 6 miles too! Because I'm jealous of your -17.