Thursday, January 29, 2009

WW Week Eight Report

Weigh in: Down 1.8 lb
Total loss to date: 10.4 lb

Yesterday was my hardest day on weight watchers to date. I don't even know why. Wait, I'm lying I do know. I've got a week until my trip back to Manitoba, I don't feel prepared and more than that I felt like Mr. Wumpus wasn't even going to miss us. I know it's dumb, but hey, I'm allowed to get all emotional and stupid a few times a month if I want to. Regardless, I just couldn't stop eating yesterday and not good stuff - I ate 1/4 of a pan of failed puffed wheat cake (thank goodness it's mostly air), a half a carrot cake slice, 1.5 pieces of vegan chocolate cake (so decadent and only 4 pts per piece! but that only helps if you eat one), not to mention tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa plus soup and yummy bread. All in all, not horrible. But I was home by 1:30 and had consumed ALL of my daily points. Argh. I knew I was headed for trouble when I saw the clock and it was only 4. The husband wasn't expected home until 9.

But I got through the day. I woke up this morning excited for my weigh in, excited to work out, excited to start fresh. And I did, and weigh in went better than good (um, 1.8 lb? Woot woot! AND I passed the 10 lb mark and got a shiny gold star). And now I'm going to get Shredded with Jillian.

Today is good.

Oh, and Mr. Wumpus? Is totally going to miss us when we're gone. So much so that we may trim back the time we're gone to just 3 weeks from 4 and I couldn't be happier.

Happy Thursday!

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