Sunday, May 10, 2009

The second time around

Last year's mother's day was lovely...I think. Oh right, now I remember. I flew home from Winnipeg to waiting gifts and a welcome break from having Chou Chou (at 6 weeks old) all to myself for 10 days. I was happy and exhausted and just starting to figure out this living life with a baby in tow thing. I'll let you know when I have it completely figured out. Er, right.

This year, the day was far more mellow and lovely, and way more fun. Chou Chou had me in stitches today - a better gift than any that can be bought. She's learned to Moo at the cow in her book, woof at the puppy and make the sign for bath time on her very round buddha belly. She also runs around squealing in delight at just about anything and it just fills this house with joy.

She also pooped on the floor. Twice. It was my fault, of course. She had her apres dinner schlitz, as we like to call it, so I took off the diaper and left her commando to air out before bath time (which she signed when I said it. So cute). She clearly wasn't done....I'm so glad she's not just drinking milk anymore, let me tell you. Still, I laughed so hard, first at myself for not putting a diaper back on her and then again when she crouched and laid a turd not once, but twice on the living room floor. Ah, poop! So funny.

And speaking of not drinking milk, my wee baby is down to one nurse in 24 hours. At 4 am. It's wonderful in so many ways, now that my body is adjusting. I do miss the cuddles, though. So the 4 am thing? Totally worth it.

Happy mum's day y'all.

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Anonymous said...

About Motivation:
The motivation of Mrs All Caddywumpus Part 1.
a)on possession day, be ready to unpack all that was so precariously packed in boxes, sort, find a home for, set up, drag, push, pull...until it is a home.
b) on same day, do the same thing you do everyday on top of this extra. ie run after a rambunctious 1+ yr old!
c) Step 2 now moved in...find a bunch of running mates.
Now isn't that so easy???????????
luv J9