Saturday, May 2, 2009


I'm now 30. While I joke that it's my 2nd annual 29th birthday and bemoan the wrinkles and the demise of my 20s, in reality, I'm very happy to be 30.

I look in the mirror and I'm ok with what I see. I look around at my little family and the life we're building and I'm happy. I think of my family and friends who I wish were here, and there are many of them and they are all wonderful people. I am blessed, I am happy and I like me a whole lot more than I did at 20. This is all good.

And the best part? Last night Chou slept through the night for the first time....from 7:30 pm to 5 am, straight through. She nursed, then went back to bed for two hours. Even better, the husband and I woke up at 6:30, with no alarm, and he brought me gifts of Gucci smelly stuff and a new makeup bag. He's arranged for a babysitter tonight so we can go out for our first dinner alone(!) since Chou was born. Oh, AND I get to watch the Kentucky Derby before we go.

Life doesn't get any better than this.

Happy birthday to me. Welcome here, dirty thirties. Let's party.


coach jen said...

Oh, and you're mega skinny. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hey did you put the $2 on the long shot????????????? Wasn't that an exciting race! holy shitters man! That bird had it goin' on!
Anyway, Happy B Day...30 is fun...enjoy!
luv J9
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