Sunday, May 24, 2009


I should be basking in the (super sore) limelight of finishing my second half marathon right now.

Instead, the Midwife is there, kicking out a personal record, I'm sure. I'm sad I'm not there, disappointed I'm not even close to my half marathon fitness level even though I'm not running. But I rolled out of bed this morning completely sick of myself and this excuse laden existence I've been bopping around in for the past two months.

As of this morning, I'm counting points again. No, I haven't rejoined WW - there are only two meetings in the city and neither are anywhere near me. I've thought about joining online, but I think I need the face to face stuff. I'm undecided about what to do, but I can't let that stop me from writing down what I eat.

I know that weighing in every week in front of someone and tracking it does make a difference, but really WW is about writing down what you eat and stopping eating when you're out of points. I don't need to join to do that.

What makes this new beginning especially difficult is that Chou Chou is no longer nursing enough for me to be eating those 5 extra points I had. I'm keeping one for her one morning nurse, but this dialing back means a whopping 22 points to eat in a day. I started with 29 and was so happy with all the food I could eat. This is going to be much more of a challenge.

And yet, this morning I'm up for it. I'm not trying to shove everything I find in the fridge in my mouth. Our day hasn't gone as planned (we're supposed to be watching barrel racing right now 2 hours away, but Chou had other plans), but instead of wallowing in it, I'm showered, coffeed, fed and planning to take Chou to the park - in the stroller, of course, even if the park is a solid mile away. I mean, it's a mile. Whoopity do.

I've also discovered that committing to eating well costs exactly $21 at costco. What is this magical silver bullet solution to health available at the one and only money pit? A salad spinner of course! I've done without one for so long that I'd forgotten just how easy peasy they are to work and what a difference having shredded, clean, dry lettuce at your finger tips can do for your food choices. As the very wise (so wise she's going gray) Jen P said, "Just start with eating one salad a day." Day one: Check.

Here we are - Day one. Again. Countdown to the fall marathon: 111 days


Anonymous said...

Hey my sis-in-law is training for 10 k! I figure in a few weeks, you'll be running with her! So cool!
luv J9

Jennifer P said...

Hey, look forward! And you'll have no excuse for anything over 2hours with 111 days left of training.