Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Berry picking long weekend

The last time I went berry picking Chou Chou was just a tiny, multi-celled organism. This time around, she carried her own pail and ate her weight in Saskatoons. Here's a tip: 16-month old children do not make good berry pickers. I've been told that I was three and still ate more than I picked. I guess we've got a ways to go.

Behold! The cuteness:
We bought a pool, but the bucket is still the favorite water hole. Strange.

Saying "Cheese!" for the first time (to me). I've never thought to ask her to say it...until now. I tried it out and she stood up and said it. Clearly, someone else has been teaching her this. Whoops.

Pensive Chou

Baby in a pea field!

She actually asked for this hat to wear, then proceeded to take it on and off and run around with it on for a solid 20 minutes. She's climbing on the table here - she'd stand on it if we'd let her.

1 comment:

Jennifer P said...

White shirt on your baby! Silly you. Make some 'stoon jam and send it my way please.

Don't you remember that my 7 month old made a terrible picker?

The cheese is beyond adorable.