Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Putting out the vibe

I've decided to start stalking a few people in town.

Whoa, before you get the wrong idea, let me explain.

I need to find a) friends b) playdate friends for Chou and c) running buddies.

In the nearly three months we've been here we've had exactly ONE neighbor visit. Sure, a few people have stopped to chat but only once have we had anyone over for an evening visit. Chou and I have been to exactly zero playdates and all of my runs (save the one with a visiting Jen P) have been solo.

In a word, it sucks.

Sure, it's summer. Most people are on holidays, have cabins (our next door neighbors are NEVER home) or have their own social circles that must be very complete. But after this long, I've decided it's time to take matters in my own hands.

Most notably, I've started taking a very specific loop when I go for walks. I just so happen to know that there's a new mum with a one month and 2 year old a few blocks away and another mum with a nearly 2 year old a few streets over. One of the streets is a dead end, so it is a bit strange to take that road, but if they're bright they'll realize I'm trying to "bump" into them. Sneaky, hey?

As for running buddies, I'm doing something I never have....going to the Running Room for one of their free Sunday morning runs. My timing is bit poor, as the half marathon clinic is three weeks ahead of my training and they'll be doing 13 miles this week when I can only do 10. Nonetheless, the woman I spoke with encouraged me to come and said that she'd announce that I was doing 10 and see if anyone wanted to join me. Failing that, I'll just turn for home a little sooner. I don't know the routes that well, but I think I can find my way home...I'll leave a gel trail or something.

And then there's the doula group. Thankfully, there are several mums with young kids in the group and I've invited myself over this weekend to chat and let the kids play.

I'm putting out the vibe people! Pick it up!

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