Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A place to hang my hat

The doula workshop was beyond amazing, but not in the way I expected.

The course was informative and helpful, but much of it was review for me being an avid reader and general knowledge sponge.

What blew me away was the discussions, the eclectic mix of 12 women who gathered - some single, some married, some straight, some gay, some with several children to those of us with one to women who have yet, and may never, birth babies of their own. They were not all granola eating, pot smokin' hippies. The women at this table were educated, well-spoken and all so very passionate about helping and supporting women in their birth choices.

The energy in the room, to say the least, was overwhelming in the loveliest sense.

A few of the mums brought their infants and we all marveled at the amazing quality having a 10 month old in the room brings. We shared our own birth stories - the good, the great and the so very sad - we talked of births we'd seen or attended. There were no (or very few) judgments, varied points of view and an amazing sense of welcoming.

All this sharing and learning was set to the backdrop of all the work to be done. No, not just in becoming and working as a doula, but in reforming and advancing the philosophy of birth here in Saskatchewan. The province is slow to change (though change IS happening), and each of us (as women) play a role in the rate at which change happens.

Sitting in that room, I finally felt like I belonged somewhere. This province has already welcomed my farmer soul and showed it all the possibilities, and now the birth community has opened its arms and pulled me close.

There is so much to do.

Where do I begin?


Sarah said...

So glad you enjoyed the doula workshop. I also found that one of the most memorable things about it was hearing the stories each woman had to share. I imagine you could take this workshop over and over and still gain something each time for that very reason. And how exciting to be on the forefront of a birth movement in Saskatchewan. Here in BC, while midwives are not common per se, they are definitely strong in numbers and readily available. Very exciting for you!

Jennifer said...

I know a really awesome graphic designer and marketer, who coincidently is giving birth in the next few months, that could help you out.

Beth said...

So glad you felt at home and are excited about the future!