Sunday, November 9, 2008

But Y?

I can't do it.

I can't join a gym. After two visits to the Y, one to GoodLife and past experience with Curves and the university grotto, I just can't do it. It's not just the cost (although both GoodLife and the Y are significantly more expensive than back home and that pisses me off), it's the scheduling, the balancing of time and effort and distance with having a baby, a husband and a job. I'm on leave now, sure, but soon, Chou Chou will be in morning daycare and I'll be working. Which means that mornings are my best chance of getting in a work out before the West wakes up. But only the Y opens early, but with no childcare until 9.

And then I look at what it is I need from a gym - weights and classes. I have some weights, I have a stability ball, a mat, resistance bands and two series of videos that I love and have had results with. Combined with running, a few outdoor activities and some investment in bigger weights - I figure I can skip the $60/month. Because really, I need the flexibility of being home. And it's official - I'm not a gym rat. I never have been, never will be. I should embrace it and move on.

My husband disagrees with my decision, but has relented. He wants me to get out of the house. He wants me to sign on with a personal trainer. But he's also the man that thinks we'll both be able to work out by 8 in the morning while some mysterious someone looks after our infant, not to mention he thinks $180 for a pair of boots is "reasonable". Right.

The challenge then is this - I need to create a workout at home plan and then find the motivation and will power to stick with it.

Here's my sample plan for the coming week:
Sunday - 3 mile run
Monday - Weights and abs (likely in the form of my weight training video plus ab video)
Tuesday - Off (Remembrance Day, plus the husband has a doctors appt and we possibly have a playdate? I'm not sure anymore. Side note: playdate time is seems to be losing steam. Another post for another day)
Thursday - CardioParty plus abs (this is no aerobics class - it's hardcore cardio)
Friday - Weights and Abs
Saturday - 3 mile run

That gives me: 2 runs, 2 weights, 3 abs, 1 cardio.

Off we go.


Matt said...

Good luck with this week's plan. Why not try and find someone who thinks the same? I noticed there's already a team of moms on there.
$180 is way too much for a pair of boots by the way! :)

Valerie Ruth said...

You're motivated enough not to need the structure of the gym. Something that I'm not!