Saturday, November 29, 2008

The one where my body wows me yet again

The Chou is getting better. Well, she never got all that bad to begin with. I have yet to have to steam her at night. She's sleeping just fine, and while now again she barks, for the most part we had one tough day and since then you'd hardly know she was sick - just more clingy and, as per today's blog title - is nursing like a newborn.

Thursday was her worst day. She was like a wee marsupial, clinging to me and nursing whenever the mood struck her, and struck her it did. Every half hour, I'm sure. Nights have actually been about normal, but daytime has been all booby all time.

Here's what I love about biology. Chou is nursing for comfort, yes, but also booby juice is the best thing for her right now, full of nutrients and bug-fighting antibodies.

Today is Saturday, and I've got knockers the size of cantaloupes, the likes of which I haven't seen since the first two weeks of feeding. This morning, the husband couldn't stop staring, which is how I knew that after Chou's chug fest two days ago, the body was, ahem, rising to the challenge.

And how amazing is that? Baby needs more booby juice. Baby tells body so. Body responds. Baby gets what she needs. I dare formula to do that. Ha!

Oh, and just in time for family pictures today. Can't wait to be all Dolly Parton in our Christmas photos. Really.


Anonymous said...

Boobs are the best.

Coach Jen said...

That was from me.