Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Chou Chou's cold is totally cramping our social life. I'm considering giving her a time out for it (I'msokidding). See, a few of the momma's from our group are anti-sicky (understandable) and a few others just plain can't make it to our hosting of the playdate tomorrow. And that is very disappointing. Not only did I have delightful snacks planned, but I also cleaned and planned to shower. Honest!

But alas, it looks like at most we'll have two visitors (one of which I suspect gave Chou the cold in the first place), and even those two may not trek all the way to this end of the city.

Sigh. It's lonely over here.

On to much more interesting things. Chou has mastered the pull up and is now shuffling a few steps to either side - a precursor to cruising, the precursor to walking. Yikes. And officially my sweet daughter is the most stubborn child on the planet. Really, I shouldn't be suprised - she is mine afterall. It would seem this week that the wee angel has really started to figure things out, such as that she's missing out on fun play time when she goes to bed. Tonight she threw her first real "I will not go to bed" fit. We're not cry-it-outers Chez Wumpus, but don't think I wasn't tempted to just let her scream after the fifth time she was asleep/dozey and I put her down and whump! awake, sitting up, crying baby emerged. She did eventually doze off on her own, but, wow, can that kid fight.

It's also a big wake up call for me. She's eight months old this weekend - still an infant, yes, but every week she's learning so much more about how her world works and the people in it. The concept of mummy existing once I walk out of the room is really quite an abstract thought, when you really think of it, and she's getting it. That's mind blowing. She craves attention, loves being the centre of it and doesn't care who knows. She's happiest in the midst of her adoring fans, whether that be at Costco, playgroup or just in the livingroom with her two biggest. And now she knows that bedtime is the end of that. It's amazing and sweet, and annoying as all get out.

My sister told me that with her first child she waited a really long time before starting time outs. By her third baby, she knew that at a year old the kid was well aware of what she was doing and could handle discipline. That's only four months from now. And while I wasn't sure I could believe that an 8-month old could really try and bend a situation to their liking, I'm now a believer. How awesome is that? I mean, it'd be more awesome if she used it to get us free groceries or something, but whatever.

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