Friday, November 7, 2008

Phase Two

We've been in our new city just over a year now, and after returning from two weeks away, it feels decidedly different. While Manitoba will always be home, this town is starting to feel much more mine. We arrived home on Wednesday, tired but happy, and our place just felt different. It really did feel good to be home and it felt like home. Last night, it sort of hit me - I live here. I'm not visiting, taking a break or vacation, I actually live here, far from family and friends and on our own. All at once it was a little sad, but mostly exciting.

Which brings us to the title of this post - phase two. My first half marathon is in the bag. My body is recovered from birth, even if our lives will never quite be the same. I've shed about 20 lb. and have fixed a few pitfalls in the nutrition area. We're starting our second year here in the city and I've got only four months left of maternity leave to enjoy and savor.

I've been thinking about goals - race goals, health goals, life goals - and slowly I've put a plan together.

This winter, I'm going to join the Y. I want to learn to swim (really swim, not mess around doing handstands and pretending I'm a shark, which is what I normally do). I'm going back to weights. I need yoga and pilates. I'm also going to get outside. I live in a gorgeous city with fabulous groomed skiing trails and tonnes of parks to snow shoe in. I will get outside. And? I will run. I'm planning a half for May and Sept/Oct. I just don't know which ones yet.

I've also got to tame some of the last food demons lingering. I bake too much, ergo I eat to much baking. I never really started drinking again, but I'm recommitting to cutting out liquor. I need to cut back the caffeine and put the veggies back in every meal. I've decided against a weight goal, instead I have a size goal (one to two down from what I am now).

As for life and family, we don't do enough fun stuff and get Chou Chou out and about enough. That we need to change. There are museums and galleries here I need to see, parks and places to explore, and I've finally got some friends here to share that all with.

And then there's work (yes, we do have to talk about it). It's looming - just a few months away. And really? I'm actually starting to look forward to getting back at it, mostly. But first I need to find childcare for half days for my wee baby. And that's easier said than done. (Not to mention the struggle it will be for me to LET someone look after her for a few hours).

So there you have it. Phase Two - more veggies, more outside activities, more family fun. Encourage me, please. It's been a tough to get off the couch since the half.

Chou Chou also went as Yoda. Note the ears - and the hat had real Yoda lines and everything. Princess Leia is helping me hold up the ears. I have the cutest nieces and nephews ever.


Pbear said...

Wow...Phase two would kick my a$$ and hand it to me.

More power to ya! You've come this far with your its good to take it to the "next level." You can definitely do it.

I feel like I should end with some inverted sentence since Yoda is in your post. Let's see...

Couch off you must...for couch thighs is fun no.

Hahaha...I tried.

Karli said...

Get R Done! I hear you on making a change. Since ball finished, the husband and I have way too many shows to watch on TV. I need to do something. Spongee doesn't start for another month. The new office at the marsh has a gym and I must use will power and go into it, as well as run and work out. I was pretty good running outside when the weather we nice, but now winter hit with a vengeance and I don't want to roll an ankle on the frozen slush. It's crap! You have more will power than anyone I know and are an inspiration for the rest of us couch potatoes! I have all the faith in you!

Valerie Ruth said...

It was great to see your little family.