Thursday, April 30, 2009



My gut has rarely led me astray. Well, except for that four day stomach virus I caught at the beginning of this month. Heck, even then I managed to lose six pounds, so it wasn't all bad.

Today my gut told me that this house was not the house for us. It's a lovely house, that's true. It's even an "us" house - loads of character, quirky, small and not too fancy. But it all feels too fast for too much money for not enough house, when we have no reason to be in a rush. What are we rushing for? Why are we idiots?

All of this is to say, we've withdrawn our offer on the pretty little (over -priced) house in the city.

And can't stop thinking about the little house just north of the city with the park for a yard.


I think I need a holiday from house shopping. Just for a weekend.

And wouldn't you know this weekend is the Kentucky Derby. It's also my big 3-0. Let's all just have a fun weekend, shall we? The toughest decision I want to make this weekend is which horse to put my $2 show bet on. Giddy up.

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Jennifer P said...

Your gut is smart. And I say sit on my couch and watch the derby.