Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Redux

We drove on a beautiful sunny Christmas day.

We got books! Lots and lots of amazing books.

We got spoiled, and Chou ate paper.

We got a Christmas dress and looked adorable in it.

Oh, and? I have no pictures of it (and only one poor video) but wee Chou started STANDING on her own on Christmas day. She pushed up with legs (no arms) and balanced for a good few seconds, and then did it over and over. Eep. She also started playing drums on the pots and pans. Now that's fun!

As for me, I missed my WW meeting because of our delayed visit down south. I did ok, but ate far too much anyway. Today, in the 9 degree warmth I shall run. Or at least marvel at the 9 degrees in late December that is turning all our snow to ice.

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