Thursday, December 18, 2008

WW Week Two Report

Weigh-in: Down 1.2 lb
Total loss to date: 2.6 lb

I don't know what I'm prouder of - that I still lost this week in the face of delicious cheesecake and gingerbread or that I ran today, on snow and ice, WITH the Chou. Have I mentioned my midwife rocks? Yeah, she called last night, said "I'm coming over to run." There's not much to do but run with her, I guess. And so we did.

I learned a few things this week. One, that I should choose my treats at parties and then savor and enjoy them fully, but then step away from the treats. On Saturday, I had been doing really, really good and then the cheesecake came out. I didn't even want it and yet, I took a piece and ate the entire thing. WTF? And then, at yesterday's playdate I went back into the kitchen twice to graze. I wasn't hungry. Again, what? With one more big week of eating to go (two if we do anything for new years), I've learned that I really have no will power when it comes to grazing. My new strategy? Try and get Chou to nap on me. That worked the first time!

This week's challenge? Run, run, run.

See, Mummy? These only help if you USE them.

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