Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Further to being stupid

I'm so stupid.

I joined WW the week of a) a giant, food-centered Christmas party and b) a cookie exchange party - one where I come home with SEVEN DOZEN DIFFERENT KINDS OF COOKIES.

In the past, I would have told you I'm a salt lover, not sweet, and that I could take or leave cookies, cakes, pies and baked yummies. I would have also said that chips held no sway over me, but cheese and snacks woo me. All of that (except for the chips part) was wishful thinking. The truth is, all snacks, sweet or salty, are my favorite. I just like snacking. And if it's in front of me, on the table, out for guests, on the counter...it doesn't matter...I will eat it. All of it. In little nips here and there. A bite, one slice, one cookie, one dip, one cracker at a time.

This has been one of several realizations this week while having to chronicle every single morsel I put in my mouth: I'm a mindless eater. I never realized just how much I put in my mouth while baking and cooking. I also am now hyper aware of just how much grazing at a party adds up to and it's not pretty.

I did okay at the party on Saturday. It helped that a post-vaccination Chou fell asleep on my chest and conked out for a solid half hour. You can't eat much when you're weighted down by 21 pounds of slumbering infant. I used 10 flex points (you're allowed 35 in a week), and have worked off 8 of them (my goal is to workout the equivalent of flex points I use, to a minimum of 10 points per week). But now comes the cookie party. I really don't want to use ANY flex points as I'm already just barely going to work them off by Thursday.

Here's where will power comes in, something I don't really have when it comes to parties. Shit. Are there any places that do emergency mouth wiring? No? Double shit.

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Farmer Flinta said...

You're not stupid...you're human! JR the 83rd and I bought a treadmill about a month ago...we haven't used it once. I want to, I just have had the busiest month ever. I just need a schedule and I will stick to it. And my will power is shot. Always has been. Congrats on joining WW. I have had many friends that if they stuck to it, they had amazing results.