Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Swim

In the past week, wee Chou has learned to crawl. She's been threatening to do so for some time, but was waylaid by her new skill of pulling herself up and walking along furniture. I mean, who needs to crawl when you can walk, she says.

But necessity got the better of her when I left her on the floor dangerously close to a bookcase and didn't hand her The Art of War. She must read it, apparently. And so she crawled over and grabbed it, and then moved on to Dickens. Since then it's been a slippery slope to more movement, except that we have hardwood floors. So while her first few crawling steps were a more textbook crawl, she's since discovered she can get around far more quickly on her belly, one sock off and by using a sort of one-sided front crawl swimming motion.

The scary part? She's wicked fast. I left her for a few seconds happily playing on the floor, turned around and there she was on the other side of the room - reaching for a most inappropriate plaything. What was it, you ask? You'll have to watch to find out.

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Jennifer P said...

No, knives are inappropriate. Bikes are fair game.