Thursday, December 11, 2008

WW Week One Report

Weigh-in: Down 1.4 lb.

I'll admit I was cranky this morning. I didn't feel any different or that I'd made any progress. I was happy with how I did at both parties in managing my food intake, but I was already beating myself up for not doing as well as I had hoped.

Then I got on the scale and was totally encouraged. Over a pound! Since the meeting (all two hours hence), I've been going over the good things I did this week and I'm focusing on them instead of feeling like I could have done better.

1. I ran. In a lot of snow, on uncleared sidewalks during a storm. I kick ass.
2. I also worked out two other times (50 mins) each and was darn sore the next day.
3. I managed to eat half decently at not one but TWO parties, one of which was named "Cookie". Enough said.
4. I've yet to feel deprived or famished. I'm eating filling, nutritious foods and not mindlessly snacking for the sake of putting something in my mouth.

WW launched its new Momentum plan this week. Really, it's more along the lines of how I eat anyway (it focuses more on whole grains, filling vegetables and using your points for maximum fullness), but I like the new recipes and suggestions. This week's meeting was a good one. It helps that Chou is a favorite attendee and manages to yell at all the wrong times making everyone laugh. Oh, and one thing that I had questioned was the amount I'm to eat while nursing - Chou is still mostly nursing, but is eating more solids. The older she gets, the less she'll nurse and so I had an issue with the blanket 10 points you get for nursing. They've since changed that. Now, a baby that also receives solids or formula only sucks 5 points out of you, not 10. I (rather arbitrarily) gave myself 8 instead of 10. If after the next few months I'm not making progress or plateauing I may kick that back to 5. We'll see.

I'm so encouraged for this week. Only one party to contend with and now I know that's not a death knell for my progress.

This week's goals: one to two runs, one to two cardio workouts (plus abs) and one to two weight workouts.

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