Sunday, April 12, 2009

Call me silly

But I can't wait to re-stock my fridge and pantry. There's something just so about filling your cupboards with nutritious foods, new spices, sauces and staples.

In the meantime, I have to use up what's already here and find homes for what's left. The plants all have new homes. The last bag of milk is in the jug (oh, I cannot wait for 4 L jugs! Stupid plastic bags.). Chou is out rummaging around in the park one last time. This time tomorrow we'll be loading up and heading over to a friend's for our last few nights in perfect company.

The midwife and I went for our last (for now) run together. I'm washing all my running gear and packing it (in the suitcase, not the boxes). We had our mummy group so long party on Friday. The phone gets disconnected on Wednesday. This lovely computer gets mailed tomorrow.

Holy shit.

This is really happening.

This is likely the last blog-o from O town...we'll see you out west!

Wish us luck.

Here new favorite thing. With an old favorite thing (GeeRaff)
Happy Easter everyone!

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