Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Loose ends

The House is ours - if it passes a home inspection and the bank decides we actually can afford it (I'm skeptical). I go from really excited, to really so-so, to really excited again in the span of minutes. Can we really afford this stress-free? I know that logically we can pay the bills, but does this jump in mortgage and upkeep leave us running too lean? We've spent years running lean, I don't know if we want to continue.

But I look at the house and I'm so happy. It's a manageable size. It's turn key (except the basement needs finishing). The kitchen is fabulous (can you say brand new stainless steel?). The space is so us. The yard is nicely landscaped, with lots of room for improvement and new growing things. Heck, we've already met the neighbor lady with her two yappy schnauzers. And then I go back to the price tag and I shudder. A booming house market sucks at this end. Sure, we made our money on it a few years back, but ugh, buying back in sucks. Of course, if oil prices bounce back, we'll be laughing. Everyone go buy an SUV! Um, no.

Then there's the everyday. Tying up all these loose ends on the house sale is keeping me busy. Chou only starts daycare next week, the husband is away and I've got a story on my plate. All seems to be working out (WTF?), I ran this week (more on that later), but I'm a little lonely. It's one friendly town, but I still don't have friends. The brother in laws were over last night. It was great to have familiar faces to break bread with, not to mention that they brought crap loads of hand me downs from the sisters.

Did I mention Chou is weaning? I'm surprisingly OK with it now that my body is scaling back the milk. She started by giving up most of the day time feedings (the biting was incessant so I just stopped offering and she never asked). Then within a few days she gave up the bedtime feed (which shocked me, I was told that'd be the last one. Not so). She's still nursing twice to three times between 1130 pm and 7 am, but during the day yesterday she nursed exactly once for five minutes, then hopped down and ran to play with her toys. I actually think I'm ready for this. But I wouldn't be heart broken if it was just a phase.

And the running? Right. Weeks of not working out and living on restaurant take out has got me feeling gross and bloated. I ran Sunday hoping to clear my head and mull over the house purchase. It hurt. Not the mulling, the running. My glute is offically not good and won't be anytime soon. I started looking for a doctor to begin the physio I'm sure I need and can't find anyone who is taking patients. I'm pretty sure I should just get used to this...

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