Friday, April 3, 2009

How you know your move is coming up fast

1. Stop shopping at Costco because you can't possibly eat THAT much feta between now and the 14th
2. Start planning what to wear/not wear based on how much laundry you've done/don't want to do between now and then
3. Don't renew magazine subscriptions because changing your address is a pain in the ass
4. Ditto for opening baby's savings account
5. Oh, and renewing your Costco membership
6. Consider buying cheap coffee grinds, seeing as the expensive beans don't store well
7. Reconsider number 6. Are you stupid?
8. Avoid telling your doctors/dentists/massage therapists because you really are going to miss them
9. Try and cram in as much friend time and runs with running buddies even while sniffly/coughy/yucky feeling
10. Go out of your way to use up all the frozen bananas
11. Consider all perishable items in the fridge when thinking up dinner plans ...what can you make with oil, vinegar, three kinds of salad dressing, horseradish, mayo, tofu and sweet and sour sauce? Did I mention they also don't pack batteries? Hmmm....


12. Post on your blog several times daily (and then add to it) in the hopes you can avoid all the other cleaning, purging, organizing, paperwork you should be doing.


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