Thursday, April 23, 2009

The games of a 13-month old

At 13 months, the Chou is a hilarious character.

Her newest fascination is putting stuff in stuff. It doesn't matter what exactly. It might be blocks in a shape sorter, a toy down my shirt or her new favorite, her doll Naime in the cupboard. Most anything goes in the cupboard - including milk. Yesterday she killed a solid 20 minutes just putting Naime in the cupboard, closing the door, then taking her out. Over and over.

Then I gave her some milk in a bottle. It went in the cupboard too.

Last night I was cleaning up and couldn't find the bottle. No worries, I thought. It'll turn up.

This morning, the Chou woke at 6:30 and toddled with daddy in to watch the news. Within minutes, she also found her bottle of milk. From where, we still don't know. She's a squirrel, plain and simple.

At 13 months, Chou says Dada, Mama, and Oh-oh, as well as several other words we haven't quite figured out what they mean. She loves to drum, play piano, dance and sway to music and read books. She's fascinated by other kids and will follow the older kids around in the playground just to make eye contact. She loves the slide and swings.

Chou's love of animals makes me very happy. While looking at a prospective house this week a stray kitty came strolling into the yard. Chou literally threw the rocks she was playing with on the ground, stood up and RAN after the cat, pointing and shrieking. She chased the poor thing until she finally got close enough to touch her nose. I wish I had it on video. Priceless.

She still doesn't love the stroller or carseat. She prefers the highchair because that usually means we're out at a restaurant (which she loves, but it's getting less fun for us). I have learned that avocado rolls are perfect for 13 month olds. She grabs the whole piece and gnaws away at it. Adorable. She loves Costco, too. I don't know why, but she does. I think it's the cart and all the idiots.

I've started looking into boarding schools - for me, not her - as her ridiculously cute but stubborn streak is already emerging. She clearly understands what is off limits and what is not, but she does whatever it is anyway with a wicked grin on her face. Her favorite no-no right now is plugs and pulling them out of the wall then running away with glee. Gosh, why do they have to be so cute when they're so bad? She's also started biting me (again) while nursing. I do think it correlates to teething, but at the same time, I'm not about to put up with being bitten. For now, a firm no!, removing her and not looking at her seems to be getting through but I'm starting to get more than a little gun shy on the daytime nursing.

Chou is also homeless at 13 months. I wonder if she knows? I doubt it. Although the playpen must be getting a little lame after over a week of sleeping in it. Sorry, kid. We're looking, I promise.

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Jennifer P said...

They're so much tougher and smarter than we are. It'll be a good story for later. Kind of like being conceived downwind of a rendering plant in row housing. Wait, that's not even funny.

Newt gets the cheekiest look on his face when he is gunning for something that is off limits. He even uses his manners. IE Please can I draw on the wall?