Sunday, April 19, 2009

House hunting woes

Apparently this is impossible to find in Regina for under $250,000:

3 bedrooms,
2 bathrooms,
fenced yard,
garage and
a dining room.


We've found a few houses so close...but not one, not ONE has had all these things. Wait, I take that back. Only one, but the location wasn't great and it needed new windows and a wall knocked out (the living room was rather dim).

And I could handle giving up one or more of those things listed above if the price were closer to $200 k, but there is a downside to a booming town, my friends.


Tomorrow we look in a wee town 15 minutes north of the city. There's a little one and a half story war time house there. Sure, it's only got two bedrooms up (one in the basement), but it has a dining room, a good kitchen, a huge wrap around porch and a yard completely closed in by hedges. And did I mention enough room to put in a garden Martha Stewart would be proud of? All for the low, low price of $215 k. Argh.

Maybe I'll finally be able to stop being a city girl.

Oh, to dream.

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