Monday, July 13, 2009

Cute overload (our week of visitors)

Many thanks to sister Scrappy Chick for all of the above photos. Oh, and the ones of my niece and nephew making faces? That would be this Go Ape game, where instead of asking for cards and going fish, you act out what the card in, silly faces. It was a hoot and an excellent way to kill hours of rain, rain, rain. Which is all it did while they were here. Phooey.

Newt at our first ever bonfire. It was cold - even with the fire we wrapped up in blankets. We were also treated to our own private airshow: WWII Mustangs were doing practice flights overhead.

Mmmm, s'mores. I ate three. Whoops. They were so delicious. Except according to Jen P, whose baby in utero dislikes all sugar. Poor momma.

The great Sunday morning banana off. I think Newt won.

Followed by the great cookie off...which was followed by the mums going for a six mile run and Chou throwing up her cookie. The husbands handled it like seasoned veterans, I think.

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Jennifer P said...

In the one photo they almost look the same height.

According to Mr.P, Mr.W said, yeah, I guess I better clean that up. Mr. P said he's never seen a kid do that before.

We had a blast -- too bad it's so far away. :(